Natural Make-up Routine

As much i as love make up and doing my make up done for a party/ night out or special occasion, i like to keep it quick and simple for through the day, whether i am at college or going to work. 
Now this routine might not be for everyone cause everyone is different which is good but i like to keep mine natural and quick because of a morning i like to spend as much time in my bed as i can, so i don't really have much time to get ready because it take me that long to get out of bed!
Also im not the best at make up but i am trying to improve sometimes it can take me ages to do something and then somedays i must get lucky.

Okay lets get started!

The first thing i do when i eventually get out of bed is wash my face and brush my teeth. To wash my face i use the Dermologica pre-cleanse and then the face wash which is the Dead Spa Magik gentle cleansing facial wash.

Once i have done that i begin my make up.
So, first of all i start of with my Neutrogena visibly clear rapid clear treatment spot cream on my T-zone to help clear any spots. I then apply my Bobbi brown hydrating gel cream i find this really nice on the skin and stops my skin from getting dry especially in the winter and it gives your skin a nice glow all year round. I know that this product costs a bit more than all the others but it is so worth it because mine has lasted me a year and a half.

Next i move on to my BB cream which i use for college as i do not want to have a heavy foundation on my skin while trying to stay awake. So at the moment i am using the Bobbi Brown BB cream in the shade extra light tint cause I'm so pale, i find that this gives me enough coverage for throughout the day and is really light and natural looking. also the good thing about this BB cream is that it also contains SPF 15 in it which helps protect your skin.

After my BB cream has been applied i then add my Mac matte bronze bronzing powder in the hollows of my cheeks to give my face some dimension and then i will all my Mac blusher in the shade spring sheen on to the apples of my cheeks.

On my eyes i use my favourite colour out of my Urban Decay Naked palette which is sin all over the lid and then toasted in the crease of my eye. I just think this colour is just perfect for spring. i also add mascara on to my top lashes because you can never go without mascara, i am currently using the Maybelline lash sensational in the colour intense black.Then to finish off i add my Bobbi Brown High Shimmer lipgloss in the colour Pastel 12 on my lips.

And this is my make up complete!

I also keep the make up that i am currently using in my zoella beauty bag.

I know that sounds like quite a lot but thats probably because sometimes i can talk for England! but it literally takes me 5-10  minutes to do. I will list all the products i use down below if you want to purchase any of them just give the name a click and it will take you straight to the website where i got mine from.


Bobbi Brown hydrating gel cream
Neutrogena rapid clear treatment 
Bobbi brown tinted moisturise
Mac Matte Bronzer
Mac SpringSheen Blusher
Urban Decay Naked palette
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipgloss
Zoella Beauty Bag 
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