Trip to the Zoo

I went on a trip to chester zoo on Friday and honestly what a day.
the day started with getting up at 7am so that we could set of at 8am but of course setting off on time never happens, so we had set off late! 
the car journey should normally take 3 hours to get their but by travelling on good Friday on a motorway is defiantly not a good idea as it took us 5 hours to get their! 
we arrived at the zoo at 1:30 and went straight for something to eat and then began our journey around the zoo and saw some really cute animals. my favourite animals out of the day were penguins cause they are just too cute and the baby giraffes.

i was way to happy for 8 am 

 finally arrived at the zoo!

some of the animals we saw
all the penguins decided all they wanted to do was swim and not come up at all.

 This leopard was definitely photo ready

 the baby giraffe

the best and cutest family that you will ever see!

now these two tigers completely understand the mirror affect.

i felt really sorry for this elephant because it was on its own and it was just two cute.

my all time favourite animals are penguins and pugs! what are your favourite animals?

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Happy Easter

hello everyone and a very happy easter!!

I know this post is a bit early for easter as it isn't until Sunday but hey ho it will be fine.
I hope you all have a wonderful easter and have a lovely two weeks off school or college or university cause i know i am going to enjoy every second of it especially if the weather is nice, which i really hope it is!

i love easter because you get to eat loads of chocolate, the weather begins to get nicer meaning it is getting closer to summer and i mean who doesn't love summer. Also there are lots of cute little animals such as baby bunnies and the little lambs and all the lovely flowers.

so i will keep this nice, short and sweet. i hope you all have a great easter and thank you so much for all the support on my blog it means so much and i am finally doing something i truly love.


Natural Make-up Routine

As much i as love make up and doing my make up done for a party/ night out or special occasion, i like to keep it quick and simple for through the day, whether i am at college or going to work. 
Now this routine might not be for everyone cause everyone is different which is good but i like to keep mine natural and quick because of a morning i like to spend as much time in my bed as i can, so i don't really have much time to get ready because it take me that long to get out of bed!
Also im not the best at make up but i am trying to improve sometimes it can take me ages to do something and then somedays i must get lucky.

Okay lets get started!

The first thing i do when i eventually get out of bed is wash my face and brush my teeth. To wash my face i use the Dermologica pre-cleanse and then the face wash which is the Dead Spa Magik gentle cleansing facial wash.

Once i have done that i begin my make up.
So, first of all i start of with my Neutrogena visibly clear rapid clear treatment spot cream on my T-zone to help clear any spots. I then apply my Bobbi brown hydrating gel cream i find this really nice on the skin and stops my skin from getting dry especially in the winter and it gives your skin a nice glow all year round. I know that this product costs a bit more than all the others but it is so worth it because mine has lasted me a year and a half.

Next i move on to my BB cream which i use for college as i do not want to have a heavy foundation on my skin while trying to stay awake. So at the moment i am using the Bobbi Brown BB cream in the shade extra light tint cause I'm so pale, i find that this gives me enough coverage for throughout the day and is really light and natural looking. also the good thing about this BB cream is that it also contains SPF 15 in it which helps protect your skin.

After my BB cream has been applied i then add my Mac matte bronze bronzing powder in the hollows of my cheeks to give my face some dimension and then i will all my Mac blusher in the shade spring sheen on to the apples of my cheeks.

On my eyes i use my favourite colour out of my Urban Decay Naked palette which is sin all over the lid and then toasted in the crease of my eye. I just think this colour is just perfect for spring. i also add mascara on to my top lashes because you can never go without mascara, i am currently using the Maybelline lash sensational in the colour intense black.Then to finish off i add my Bobbi Brown High Shimmer lipgloss in the colour Pastel 12 on my lips.

And this is my make up complete!

I also keep the make up that i am currently using in my zoella beauty bag.

I know that sounds like quite a lot but thats probably because sometimes i can talk for England! but it literally takes me 5-10  minutes to do. I will list all the products i use down below if you want to purchase any of them just give the name a click and it will take you straight to the website where i got mine from.


Bobbi Brown hydrating gel cream
Neutrogena rapid clear treatment 
Bobbi brown tinted moisturise
Mac Matte Bronzer
Mac SpringSheen Blusher
Urban Decay Naked palette
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipgloss
Zoella Beauty Bag 

Spring Look book

I thought to myself because the weather has gotten so nice that i am going to do a series of looks over the next couple of weeks of the outfits i am currently wearing during spring.
So here are my favourite outfits from this week

This is definitely my favourite outfit i have worn so far since the weather has gotten so nice, i absolutely love it! 
I wore this outfit when i went off for the day with my mam and then later for a catch up with some friends. Plus almost everything i am wearing is from Topshop as i am currently in love with it.
This outfit includes Coat: Topshop, Top: Topshop, Skirt: Topshop, Bag: Longchamp, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

This outfit is definitely 90's inspired which i am loving at the moment. I wore this outfit when i went on a walk with my mam and did some quick jobs. This outfit includes Jeans: Topshop, Jacket: New Look, Top: Brandy Melville, Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Watch: Michael Kors

This outfit is for the more colder days. I wore this outfit to do a few jobs before i had to work. This outfit includes Trousers: Topshop  Jumper: Asos ,Trainers:Nike, Coat: Zara kids, Bag: Longchamp ,Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Also it would be really great if you could leave a comment of what else you would like to see on my blog. Thank you!!

Whats in My Bag

I am such a bag lover and think that a girl can never have too many bags and shoes! 
So i recently brought a backpack from Longchamp and i am in love i can't stop using it. this is my second purchase from Longchamp as i also have one of their larger bags that i use for college and it is great but when i found out that they had brought out some backpacks in the same style i just knew i had to get one!

My backpack is full of all the essential things i need when i am off out, from my purse to headphones which i find are two of the most essential things you need in your bag.

So i got the Noir Le plagie Backpack.


My purse is from Ted baker and is in the colour British Racing Green. The colour is too die for! I love it.

My lipgloss is from Bobbi Brown and is in the colour pastel 12 and is a high shimmer lipgloss.

My lipstick is also from Bobbie Brown and in in the colour Rose Petal 7 and is a creamy lip colour.

My sunglasses are from Ray Ban and they are the wayfarer sunglasses in black. I sometimes alternate between my sunglasses to my other ones which are the Ray Ban aviators in sliver.

My little black bag is from H&M but you can get any little bag from lots of other shops.

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack
Ted Baker Purse
Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses
Ray Ban aviator sunglasses
Bobbi Brown Lipgloss
Bobbi Brown Lipstick
Little Black Bag


Tips and Tricks for GCSE stress

It is coming to that time of year again at school when you have to walk round school quietly because GCSE exams season has started. yay! not. 
I was dreading my exams because i knew no matter how much i revised which shh! wasn't a lot. 
Only because i could never sit in my bedroom and concentrate for hours and hours in silence reading books and writing notes because i would get bored and then i would end up sitting on my phone. Which happened quite a lot!

I also had a pretty active lifestyle as well and found it really hard to give up some of the things i did outside of school so that i had time for revision, also i started to get a social life when revision needed to be done which was also hard to stop, but i am glad i did only because it has helped me in the future to get to where i am today.

So i thought i would give you some of my tips and tricks on GCSE exams.
please don't panic if these don't work for you as everyone is different and has a different way of learning.

Tips and Tricks
1. This is gonna sound so stupid but don't stress! If you stress like i do and get yourself all worked up about things this will only make you worse. i know everyone gets stressed at exams so everyone is in the same boat, some may just express it more than others and it is natural to be stressed but DON'T let it get the best of you!
All you need to do is keep clam and do your work in small amounts so that you understand it, and this will help you to stop stressing.

2. Sleep is massively important, so don't be working until all hours or sitting on your phone all night because you will become extremely tried and this will affect your concentration at school. To help will your sleep make sure that you got to bed at a reasonable time and completely switch off from your revision because the worst thing is trying to get to sleep while your brain is ticking away at a maths problem trust me. also set an alarm for a reasonable time to so that you have enough time to get ready for school, have a good breakfast and time to chill before you go to school.

3. Always ask your teachers for help if you are stuck with anything because they want you to pass more than you do and its also there job to help you so take advantage of their time.

4. Do practice papers instead of reading through text books. i found these really helped me because i was getting practice at exam style questions and was beginning to notice that some question come up from other papers a lot. I also used them to help time myself at doing the paper so that i could see how much time i had left to go back through and check it.

5. When you leave an exam forget everything that was in the exam and that subject unless you need it again as it will help you relax but also clear your head of information that you won't need again.

6. Always to your best. Never go in or come out of an exam thinking negatively because as long as you have given all the questions a go and have tried your hardest and you should be proud of yourself because you made it through the exam.

Don't foget to have fun, enjoy yourself and these last few months at school and RELAX!!


Classic Cupcakes

I am a hugh cupcake fan and i am always looking on pintrest and the internet for new recipes that i can try, but i must admit that you can never beat a classic cupcake with plain sugar icing and a cute jelly sweet on top. Yum! 
This is the simpliest recipie i have ever found and it works everytime, creating the fluffiest, light cupcakes ever. The recipie is extremly easy to follow and they take no time at all to make. 

 Makes 24 cupcakes

         12oz   self raising flour
         12oz   sugar
         12oz   butter/marg
         4-6     medium eggs
         1 1/2  tsp baking powder

First preheat the oven to 170 C/ 350 F/ Gas Mark 4 and place your cupcake cases in a tin.
Then in a bowl place the butter and sugar and cream together until it is pale and smooth and add in the eggs and mix.
once they are combined add in your flour and your baking powder and keep mixing unit it is all mixed.
Spoon your batter into the cupcake cases. 
Tip : if you want them to rise evenly, use an ice cream scoop!
Then place in the oven to cook for 25 minutes or until they are a golden brown.
When taking them out allow to cool for a couple f minutes before placing them on a wire rack.

Once your cupcakes have cooled it is time to start on your icing.
I dont have a specific method of making this as it is really simple
You will need:
1 bowl
A tablespoon
Icing sugar 
You want to get your bowl and add 4 tablespoons of icing sugar into a bowl and add 2 drops of water and begin to stir and keep adding drops of water when you need to. 
You don't want the icing to be too runny or too thick, but if this happens either add more icing sugar or more water.
Then spread evenly on your cupcakes, don't worry they don't have to be perfect as this icing chooses to run where it wants! and then top with a cute decoration.
I topped mine with lemon and orange jelly slices.


February Beauty Favs

I have bought quite a lot of beauty products last month from make up, to nail varnish, to hair products and make up brushes. 
I wanted to show you which ones i am seriously loving right now. They are more neutral tones that you can wear everyday but can also darkened and made heavier for a more night time look.

Of course the Mac blusher, bronzer, highlighter and eyeshadows are soft and creamy and easy to apply which makes it so much easier when doing eye make up. 
The Tanya Burr nail polish are my new favourite thing, completely in love with the colours i bought and cannot wait to go an purchase more for the spring/summer season.
The Toni&Guy hair care products are amazing! The mask makes your hair feel silky smooth after use and has already made my hair healthier, also the leave in conditioner is applied before blowdrying and it tames frizz and adds a protection and shine to your hair. 

Mac Highlighter - Soft&Gentle
Mac palete 
Mac eyeshadows - Blanc Type, Folie, Haux, Wedge

I hope you all enjoy using these products as much as i am!
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