Tips and Tricks for GCSE stress

It is coming to that time of year again at school when you have to walk round school quietly because GCSE exams season has started. yay! not. 
I was dreading my exams because i knew no matter how much i revised which shh! wasn't a lot. 
Only because i could never sit in my bedroom and concentrate for hours and hours in silence reading books and writing notes because i would get bored and then i would end up sitting on my phone. Which happened quite a lot!

I also had a pretty active lifestyle as well and found it really hard to give up some of the things i did outside of school so that i had time for revision, also i started to get a social life when revision needed to be done which was also hard to stop, but i am glad i did only because it has helped me in the future to get to where i am today.

So i thought i would give you some of my tips and tricks on GCSE exams.
please don't panic if these don't work for you as everyone is different and has a different way of learning.

Tips and Tricks
1. This is gonna sound so stupid but don't stress! If you stress like i do and get yourself all worked up about things this will only make you worse. i know everyone gets stressed at exams so everyone is in the same boat, some may just express it more than others and it is natural to be stressed but DON'T let it get the best of you!
All you need to do is keep clam and do your work in small amounts so that you understand it, and this will help you to stop stressing.

2. Sleep is massively important, so don't be working until all hours or sitting on your phone all night because you will become extremely tried and this will affect your concentration at school. To help will your sleep make sure that you got to bed at a reasonable time and completely switch off from your revision because the worst thing is trying to get to sleep while your brain is ticking away at a maths problem trust me. also set an alarm for a reasonable time to so that you have enough time to get ready for school, have a good breakfast and time to chill before you go to school.

3. Always ask your teachers for help if you are stuck with anything because they want you to pass more than you do and its also there job to help you so take advantage of their time.

4. Do practice papers instead of reading through text books. i found these really helped me because i was getting practice at exam style questions and was beginning to notice that some question come up from other papers a lot. I also used them to help time myself at doing the paper so that i could see how much time i had left to go back through and check it.

5. When you leave an exam forget everything that was in the exam and that subject unless you need it again as it will help you relax but also clear your head of information that you won't need again.

6. Always to your best. Never go in or come out of an exam thinking negatively because as long as you have given all the questions a go and have tried your hardest and you should be proud of yourself because you made it through the exam.

Don't foget to have fun, enjoy yourself and these last few months at school and RELAX!!

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