okay so i bought +Tanya Burr Tanya Bakes because i have been wanting to back into my baking because it is something i really enjoy so thought i would start a new little thing on my blog of what i have been baking out of +Tanya Burr new book. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more of my attempts and fails of baking!

First of this book is amazing if you have not bought it yet and you love baking or maybe you want to start this book is just perfect it is full of easy and challenging recipes that everyone will enjoy eating and making! The recipes are super easy to follow which is great and the photography of the treats are phenomenal. A truly great buy for a super reasonable price if you haven't got it yet defiantly go and buy!

okay so,i followed the really easy quick recipe and it took no time at all to make and ill be honest they turned out great, i mean they don't look exactly like a custard cream because i didn't have a stamp so i just poked some holes in the top and used a round cutter but even though they don't look like them they well do taste like they. because the recipe was that simple i will definitely be baking them again. Overall i think they taste just like a custard cream and they were a success! 

 You can buy tanya book here - Tanya Bakes

leave me a comment if you have book and have bakes anything and tweet it to me so i can see what you have made and if you would like me to attempt anything from the book!

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