i have been spending a lot of money lately buying clothes for London and for my holidays and wanted to share with you all what i have been buying to maybe give you some inspiration if you are struggling with finding holiday clothes. and also the best website that i personally think has some amazing holiday clothes on!

+Topshop  dress
The moment i walked into my local topshop this dress immediately caught my eye the colours on it are just amazing and the style of the dress is gorgeous it just screamed holiday to me so i just had to buy it! pompom shorts
I bought these shorts from asos and they are so comfy and fit really well. these are high waisted shorts and i think the pompom details are a great cute extra on to the shorts.

+ASOS  white dress
if anyone of you watch zoella's videos and you seen her asos holiday one then good cause this dress is from that video not the exact one of course ha, but i went to order one for around the pool and when going for breakfast and you know just to shove on basically. it is a little bit see through but ah well ill just have to pop some shorts on ha!

+New Look tassel top
When i go on holiday i know that it is going to be super hot so i found this top in new look which is really pretty and really light so i knew it would keep me cool on holiday with my shorts on of a night time.

+New Look paisley two piece 
you see these kinds of playsuits all over Instagram and you just wonder where people get them and then i found this one in new look in the Parisian collection and i just knew it was a must have for my holiday.

+New Look Patterned trousers
people who follow +Tanya Burr on instagram will have seen that she wore these trousers on a trip to Marbella and they just looked so cute and was searching the internet like crazy to find some and then i found them in a new look store and i never second guessed about buying them (insert emoji of monkey with hands over its eyes)

+Vans slip on trainers
i always need a comfy pair of shoes on holiday and ones that will protect my feet from the sun as i have a problem with my foot that flares up in the sun so i always have to keep them covered so these shoes are perfect and sooooo comfy.

Faith gold sandals 
i got these in the debnehams sale recently because i wanted so sandals to wear when we went out for tea and these just caught my eye plus they were on sale so that made them even better but i loved the big stones on the front of it which i thought would just look lovely sparkling in the sun!

if you want me to do a try on haul let me know in the comments below and also if you are going anywhere nice on holiday?

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