Winter Wonderland Walk

I'm back!! 
After a short break from everything i have finally returned and been up to some amazing things lately and had some amazing experiences, so my posts will be back up an running every Monday in the run up to christmas!!!

Okay so today i went on a trip with my friend to a woods to just clear our heads and we also took some pictures of course, we are bloody lucky we got their because we missed the turning and i had to do a u-turn so we could back the right way so that was a great start! haha! when we we got their i could not believe that there was so much snow everywhere it was so magical and definitely got me in the mood for christmas! There was also many times i slipped on the ice but you know thats what makes it fun haha!
So heres how our day went!
Also if you do go on a walk in snow don't wear converse you will not feel your toes at the end of it (just a lil heads up)

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