Now supposedly it is supposed to be summer but the weather outside does not seem to be showing it, but i am trying my hardest to get my self in the summer mood and nothing does it better than a new make up routine for the summer. so today i wanted to show you how i do my summer make up routine and what products i use to create this look.

The first thing i do is apply this MAC prep and prime base all over my face using my hands. I actually got this as a free sample when purchasing a lip stick out of mac and honestly next time i am near one i will defiantly be buying a bigger tube.

Next i am apply my Estee lauder double wear foundation in the shade ecru because i am quite pale (embraced emoji) i put a little bit of it on the back of my and use my real techniques expert face brush and then apply this all over my face and blending down my neck because no one wants a slag line as we call it where i am from. then i am applying my Rimmel wake me up concelar in the shade true ivory on any spots, around my nose and on any dark circles on my face and blending that in with my real techniques shading brush.

Then i am going to apply my MAC Matte Bronzer to give me some colour so i don't look like casper the ghost, i am applying this just under my check bones and then on my temples and forehead and i think because it is summer you can over do the bronzer because it summer an you want that golden sun kissed skin look even if its not that sunny. I am applying this with my real techniques sculpting brush for my check bones and then my real techniques power brush for the rest of my face and blend any harsh lines. then i am also going to apply a little bit of my MAC spring sheen blusher on to the apples of my check to add a pop of colour using my MAC blusher brush.

Next on to eyebrows (get those brows on fleek) i fill in my eyebrows with the Charlotte Tilbury brow lift in the colour Cara D and i just fill in any spars bits in my eyebrows to give them a more thicker defined look.

Now on to the main reason why this is a summer look and its all because of the eyes. I am using my Bobbi Brown ombre cram pencil in the colour Golden pink and i apply this all over the lids and then blend it in using my finger. next i am applying my new favourite mascara which is the +Too Faced Cosmetics Better than sex mascara to give a full false lash effect.

and then to finish this look i am applying my favourite +MAC Cosmetics velvet teddy mac lipstick.

And Voila this is the complete summer make up routine its really natural but still gives you a gorgeous summer glow i will list all the products i have used just below and don't forget to follow me on all my social media which will be link below.

+MAC Cosmetics  prep + prime 



Now this is a long awaited buy for me, i have been wanting this product for ages and yesterday i finally bought it so i thought i would give you all my opinion of it. Now i have not been paid to do this i just want to share with you all what i think of this product i have purchased.

Okay so if you haven't guessed from the picture i have bought the +Too Faced Cosmetics Better Than Sex Mascara, there is a waterproof version if you do prefer that but i just went for the normal version.

First of can i just say how gorgeous the packaging is, you just know something is going to be good when the packaging looks amazing as does all of the Too Faced products. It just makes you feel like you are buying a luxurious mascara, which is going to worth the money. The bottle is just gorgeous, it is defiantly a unique mascara and bit weird but it feels more protected like it won't brake because i have had mascaras in the past that have broken but this one feels like it is worth the price.
Now onto the product its self, i only have one word WOW, this mascara is amazing you hardly feel like you have an on, it volumizes your lasses to the T as cheesy as it sounds and honestly the first time i have trusted what has been on the packaging because does what it says it does. I honestly can not rave enough about it its just FAB!! I only applied one coat and it really did work and thought one coat will be perfect for everyday lashes and i can't wait when i am going out somewhere because i will probably add more than one coat and i can't wait to see the results. It doesn't clump and the brush is amazing too, you don't feel like you are drawing a heavy hair brush through your eyelashes and pulling the out it goes on nice and easy and it feels like you hardly have any mascara on it doesn't irritate your eyes or nothing its brilliant. I love it! If you are looking for a perfect mascara thats "better than sex" i would go and buy this one.
I really do wish i bought this a long time ago because it would have saved me so much money on loads of different mascaras that never seemed to work so if you have the same problem as i had, stop waisting your money and go and buy this i can't wait to go and buy lots more of +Too Faced Cosmetics products.

the price isn't to bad either yes it is a bit more on the pricy side for a mascara costing £19, but it is wroth every penny and lasting a long time because of how well it works on just one application.

the images below are of one eye with it on and one without, the second image is it after being on all day long and they are still full, thick and volumized.

Let me know what +Too Faced Cosmetics product i should buy next in the comments below or any other product i should try!




Now because today is the first day of summer and the weather definitely isn't making it feel like summer i thought i would do a post that would help us get in that summer mood!

Holiday season is just around the corner or here if your lucky and my favourite thing to do when getting to go on holiday is buying swimwear as much as i love it, it can be very stressful because there are some many styles and colours and patterers and everything to consider when buying a great bikini. To be honest with you I'm dreading ever buying a wedding dress one day cause i am so indecisive on swimwear haha!
But i have finally made my final decisions on my holiday swimmer and wanted to show you guys what i bought and maybe give you some inspiration to if you are struggling to find the perfect poolside piece. 

Victoria Secret Bikini 
Behold the creme deal creme of bikinis. this is the first ever Victoria Secret bikini i have ever owned and let me tell you i will be hoping to own many more in the future because they are just stunning and awww i just love it. i love the pattern, the colours, the style, the fit there isn't one thing that i don't like about it and yes it is a bit on the expensive side of bikinis but actually now a days a lot of bikinis do cost a lot and if you want amazing fitted bikini i would certainly tell you to buy one plus it will look fab on holiday.

Jack Wills Swimsuit
Now this year it has been the year for one piece swimsuits and there has been so many gorgeous ones out but when i seen this one i knew i just had to get it because it is super cute and i love the open back and the cute bow at the top. overall a really cute swimsuit (i should really stop saying the word cute but it just is) Also it is always good to have a swimsuit with you on holiday for when ever you go to a water park as i find wearing a bikini is not always the best option ha!

Asos South Beach Bikini Top 
i have been looking for a triangle shaped bikini top without spending a fortune on one and i found this amazing one off Asos for only £10 and let me tell you it is worth it now i did only buy the top because the bottoms were a little to risky for me personally as i knew i wouldn't feel comfortable in them so i am just gonna find some plain black ones from somewhere to match. But overall it is a great bikini top that is a bright pink and is very well priced.

leave a comment if you find buying swimwear a struggle ha! and where your favourite holiday destination is?


I know this one is a little late but i have kind of gone a little wild with buying things in may and my bank account is paying for it a little bit but hey at least i got some new stuff HA! 
Okay so you all probably know how these work and there is no specific category for this favourites post its a little bit of everything.
So here you are and i hope you all enjoy!
I will warn you this is a little bit of a rambley favourites post.

New Look Shoes
New shoe days are one of the best days! i had been looking for some sandals which had a little heel because one, i wanted to be able to walk in them and two i wanted comfort and for them to look cute, which is what everyone wants out of a good pair of shoes. i had seen these on the new look website but sadly they did not have them in my local shop so when i went to manchester i just had to buy them and let me tell you they are worth every penny and fit the bill perfectly, so if you are looking for a gorgeous pair of sandals with a heel i would highly recommend you buy these.

Topshop shoes 
Again another pair of shoes have been bought. whoops! but hey a girl can never have too many shoes can she. In December i bought myself some adidas Stan Smith trainers and i was in love but last week they sadly began to break and fall apart and i was so tempted to buy some more but i thought i would go for a change in style and in price. so i went for these out of topshop and ill be honest with you they are fab. I love the pattern and the price for only £22 plus they are super comfy. So if you are looking for some trainers but don't want to be spending a fortune topshop have loads to choose from.

Primark Off The Shoulder Top
Now don't kill me here but i am not always a lover of Primark, i know I'm sorry but when i went to meet Caspar Lee my friends said we have to go in and i actually ended up buying a two tops and a skirt which is good for me considering i never really buy anything out of their. But i had been looking for a top like this for ages and it was perfect. it is a really cute cream button up off the shoulder top and i love it, so i really have my friends to thank.

Urban Outfitters Sun Top
Now this top makes me feel 4 years old again because i used to have so many tops like this when i was younger that i used to wear all the time in every colour possible. honestly it is the cutest top ever, it is a crinkled layered of the shoulder sun top which i just think is perfect for summer and if your going on holiday and i just could not resist to buy it. Sadly it is not available online but you can buy it in store and it will be in the Pins & Needles section.
MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick
Again another buy i must owe to my friends. This is the first MAC lipstick i have ever bought and i must tell you i will defiantly be purchasing more of them because wow they are good! i have been looking for a good matte lipstick that i can wear everyday and my friend suggest this to me and i am glad se did because she is a lipstick life saver. The colour is perfect and very natural looking and lasts nearly all day and if you are looking for a good quality lipstick i would defiantly recommend you purchase a MAC one because they are just so good and worth the price.

Urban Outfitters Sun Top (similar)



Yay don't you just love a new hair day. 
Okay so ill give you a little back ground i have been having my hair highlighted blonde since i was 12 and lets just say it went really dead last year so i have decide to grow it out back to my natural colour and lets just say it has been a tough six months considering i would get it dyed every 8 - 12 weeks, which is not good. so when it was my birthday i got i dyed for the last time and i have been growing it out for six months so far and want to continue it so i can have my own natural colour back, but it has got to a stage where it is grown out in lines of colour from natural line blonde and it doesn't look to nice.

So, i have given in a little getting some lowlights in just to try and make it not look as harsh while growing and the result is i am much happier as it now is going to look more natural. 



Woohoo at least i think? its summer and so that means its time for a summer look book and I have been a little bit too busy buying too much stuff and having a bank account that i now suffering for it, but ahh well at least i have some new nice clothes.
like my spring look books i did these will run through out summer showing you my favourite looks and as usual listing the items for you.
This one is mainly of my new favourite top that i have recently bought!

Lets get started!
Outfit one 
I love this outfit i just think it is so cute and perfect for all the trends that are in this season. the top and shoes are my most recent buys and i just can't stop wearing them, plus i am really loving the tan colour for summer as i just think it can go with anything and transform a look to a more summer style.

outfit two
Okay so i kind of love this top a little too much but who cares! i was going for a little bit of a more casual chic sort of look with the top, skirt and trainers but honestly i think it really works and is super comfy plus you can recreate this look with loads of different types of tops or shoes, but also if you haven't already guessed i am a huge fan of denim.



Now i am not always like fully serious person but i have a feeling that this one is going to be one of those serious post but not like a grumpy one more like an informative/ advice relatable giving one, if that makes any sense
I am probably guessing that most of you are leaving school or sixth form or are moving up into the next year or stage of something, i don't know just a guess.

Okay so this post is a little bit of a personal one but i want to help you guys understand what is happening if you are going through this.

People who are doing there exams might understand this a little bit more because your are leaving school in a couple of weeks or maybe are on study leave now and you might not be seeing your friends as much as you used to.

When i was at school last year in my final year it got quiet tough for me and my friends in the fact that we were all getting stressed about revising and there was also quiet a lot of arguments and fall outs too which didn't seem to help things and it is hard because you have been with these people for 5 years or maybe longer i was lucky enough to be in the same classes as my friends from primary so i had been with them for like 11 years which if you ask me is a long but an amazing time too. now i remember us talking about how we would do loads of things in the summer and like would never forget each other and always meet up no matter where we went after school to either college or sixth form.

By the way if you are half way through reading this you might want to grab a drink! ( should of said that act the start whoops)

Anyways it got to that time of leaving school and it was really sad because i though what happens if we don't with everything going on, but my friends kept telling me No it will be fine of course we will stay in touch.

Well after we left for study leave that was it nobody texted me or spoke to me and it felt like i had wasted my time being friends with them i was really hurt. but then it got to prom and everyone was okay in a way but it never felt the same as it did before and i knew that you had to move on but it was hard to let go off just because i had spent my whole childhood growing up with them girls and made some amazing memories too.
And after prom that was it nothing but i would see my friends meeting up and not asking me, but i was lucky enough to have my amazing friends from outside of school who i had to go out with and spend the summer with.
Also when i started college i have made some amazing new friends, who i went with one to meet Caspar lee with.

So the point i am trying to make is life changes and with have to learn to deal with that even though at the time it seems really hard which it is there is always something new, bigger and better for you and there is always a struggle to go through before the good bit, and it is true you really do find out who your true friends are when you leave school, but you can always make new ones and you soon find out that you don't need a friendship group of like 20 but maybe only 6 or less in a way. All you have to do is keep strong and positive and look forward to new things.

I mean i down know if this happens to everyone as we are all different but this is what happened to me and maybe some other people too.

Leave a comment down below if you have been through anything like this or have a feeling you are going through something like this now.

keep smiling!

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