I know this one is a little late but i have kind of gone a little wild with buying things in may and my bank account is paying for it a little bit but hey at least i got some new stuff HA! 
Okay so you all probably know how these work and there is no specific category for this favourites post its a little bit of everything.
So here you are and i hope you all enjoy!
I will warn you this is a little bit of a rambley favourites post.

New Look Shoes
New shoe days are one of the best days! i had been looking for some sandals which had a little heel because one, i wanted to be able to walk in them and two i wanted comfort and for them to look cute, which is what everyone wants out of a good pair of shoes. i had seen these on the new look website but sadly they did not have them in my local shop so when i went to manchester i just had to buy them and let me tell you they are worth every penny and fit the bill perfectly, so if you are looking for a gorgeous pair of sandals with a heel i would highly recommend you buy these.

Topshop shoes 
Again another pair of shoes have been bought. whoops! but hey a girl can never have too many shoes can she. In December i bought myself some adidas Stan Smith trainers and i was in love but last week they sadly began to break and fall apart and i was so tempted to buy some more but i thought i would go for a change in style and in price. so i went for these out of topshop and ill be honest with you they are fab. I love the pattern and the price for only £22 plus they are super comfy. So if you are looking for some trainers but don't want to be spending a fortune topshop have loads to choose from.

Primark Off The Shoulder Top
Now don't kill me here but i am not always a lover of Primark, i know I'm sorry but when i went to meet Caspar Lee my friends said we have to go in and i actually ended up buying a two tops and a skirt which is good for me considering i never really buy anything out of their. But i had been looking for a top like this for ages and it was perfect. it is a really cute cream button up off the shoulder top and i love it, so i really have my friends to thank.

Urban Outfitters Sun Top
Now this top makes me feel 4 years old again because i used to have so many tops like this when i was younger that i used to wear all the time in every colour possible. honestly it is the cutest top ever, it is a crinkled layered of the shoulder sun top which i just think is perfect for summer and if your going on holiday and i just could not resist to buy it. Sadly it is not available online but you can buy it in store and it will be in the Pins & Needles section.
MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick
Again another buy i must owe to my friends. This is the first MAC lipstick i have ever bought and i must tell you i will defiantly be purchasing more of them because wow they are good! i have been looking for a good matte lipstick that i can wear everyday and my friend suggest this to me and i am glad se did because she is a lipstick life saver. The colour is perfect and very natural looking and lasts nearly all day and if you are looking for a good quality lipstick i would defiantly recommend you purchase a MAC one because they are just so good and worth the price.

Urban Outfitters Sun Top (similar)

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