Now because today is the first day of summer and the weather definitely isn't making it feel like summer i thought i would do a post that would help us get in that summer mood!

Holiday season is just around the corner or here if your lucky and my favourite thing to do when getting to go on holiday is buying swimwear as much as i love it, it can be very stressful because there are some many styles and colours and patterers and everything to consider when buying a great bikini. To be honest with you I'm dreading ever buying a wedding dress one day cause i am so indecisive on swimwear haha!
But i have finally made my final decisions on my holiday swimmer and wanted to show you guys what i bought and maybe give you some inspiration to if you are struggling to find the perfect poolside piece. 

Victoria Secret Bikini 
Behold the creme deal creme of bikinis. this is the first ever Victoria Secret bikini i have ever owned and let me tell you i will be hoping to own many more in the future because they are just stunning and awww i just love it. i love the pattern, the colours, the style, the fit there isn't one thing that i don't like about it and yes it is a bit on the expensive side of bikinis but actually now a days a lot of bikinis do cost a lot and if you want amazing fitted bikini i would certainly tell you to buy one plus it will look fab on holiday.

Jack Wills Swimsuit
Now this year it has been the year for one piece swimsuits and there has been so many gorgeous ones out but when i seen this one i knew i just had to get it because it is super cute and i love the open back and the cute bow at the top. overall a really cute swimsuit (i should really stop saying the word cute but it just is) Also it is always good to have a swimsuit with you on holiday for when ever you go to a water park as i find wearing a bikini is not always the best option ha!

Asos South Beach Bikini Top 
i have been looking for a triangle shaped bikini top without spending a fortune on one and i found this amazing one off Asos for only £10 and let me tell you it is worth it now i did only buy the top because the bottoms were a little to risky for me personally as i knew i wouldn't feel comfortable in them so i am just gonna find some plain black ones from somewhere to match. But overall it is a great bikini top that is a bright pink and is very well priced.

leave a comment if you find buying swimwear a struggle ha! and where your favourite holiday destination is?
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