Now this is a long awaited buy for me, i have been wanting this product for ages and yesterday i finally bought it so i thought i would give you all my opinion of it. Now i have not been paid to do this i just want to share with you all what i think of this product i have purchased.

Okay so if you haven't guessed from the picture i have bought the +Too Faced Cosmetics Better Than Sex Mascara, there is a waterproof version if you do prefer that but i just went for the normal version.

First of can i just say how gorgeous the packaging is, you just know something is going to be good when the packaging looks amazing as does all of the Too Faced products. It just makes you feel like you are buying a luxurious mascara, which is going to worth the money. The bottle is just gorgeous, it is defiantly a unique mascara and bit weird but it feels more protected like it won't brake because i have had mascaras in the past that have broken but this one feels like it is worth the price.
Now onto the product its self, i only have one word WOW, this mascara is amazing you hardly feel like you have an on, it volumizes your lasses to the T as cheesy as it sounds and honestly the first time i have trusted what has been on the packaging because does what it says it does. I honestly can not rave enough about it its just FAB!! I only applied one coat and it really did work and thought one coat will be perfect for everyday lashes and i can't wait when i am going out somewhere because i will probably add more than one coat and i can't wait to see the results. It doesn't clump and the brush is amazing too, you don't feel like you are drawing a heavy hair brush through your eyelashes and pulling the out it goes on nice and easy and it feels like you hardly have any mascara on it doesn't irritate your eyes or nothing its brilliant. I love it! If you are looking for a perfect mascara thats "better than sex" i would go and buy this one.
I really do wish i bought this a long time ago because it would have saved me so much money on loads of different mascaras that never seemed to work so if you have the same problem as i had, stop waisting your money and go and buy this i can't wait to go and buy lots more of +Too Faced Cosmetics products.

the price isn't to bad either yes it is a bit more on the pricy side for a mascara costing £19, but it is wroth every penny and lasting a long time because of how well it works on just one application.

the images below are of one eye with it on and one without, the second image is it after being on all day long and they are still full, thick and volumized.

Let me know what +Too Faced Cosmetics product i should buy next in the comments below or any other product i should try!


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