There are so many new things and new trends coming out and Asos is my top spot to shop for all the new go to fashion items. So thought i would show you some of the things that i wish i could spend all my money on for my holidays and you know just to buy because they look amazing! whoops.



Disclaimer: this is not paid or anything, i just wanted to share with you some of the things i am in love with from Asos just incase you are searching for something in particular you might something similar on this wish list.



Okay so today i thought why don't i tell you guys 20 things about me that you don't know. 
so this could be quite a long post so grab your self a tea or coffee or maybe any other drink you fancy and sit back and relax (wait this feels like i am telling a story better just start). these are just some random questions i have seen floating about and found some that were most relevant to me.

Lets go!

1. whens your birthday?
    my birthday is the 8th December

2. what is your eye colour?
    i have blue eyes

3. whats your height?
    i am 5"7

4. Tea or Coffee?
    okay don't shout but i don't like either .... sorry 

5. Favourite thing in my room?
    Aw well this is just easy, it would have to be my bed side lamp!
    only joking my bed is 100% my favourite thing in my room, its just so warm and cozy
    oh and fairy lights i just think         
    they are way too cute!

6. favourite movie? 
    HARRY POTTER of course 

7. favourite thing to eat? 
    This is so hard cause i can't just pick one cause there are too many but if i am going to 
    have to choose it would have to be Pizza or Nando's and i would also live off these 
    foods for the rest of my life too.

8. favourite clothing brands?
   Again another tough question ermm... Topshop, Brandy Melville, Zara and i love stuff of 
   Asos too. 

9. 3 things you can't leave the house without?
    apart from a bag full of stuff  it would be my phone, headphones and lipgloss or mints.

10. whats your favourite disney film?
      As much as i love all the disney films, this is quite an easy question because its 
      monsters inc and monsters university, i just love them and i have a huge sully in my 
      room which lives next to my bed.

11. favourite colour?
      PINK all the way pink but i do like the tiffany blue colour as a bikini but thats it but pink 
      for almost everything else.

12. favourite flowers?
      White gypsophila and roses.

13. heels or flats?
      comfort wise flats, but i do love a good pair off heels.

14. what did you take for your GCSE's?
      Art, Geography, Drama and Sport Science.

15. favourite make up brand?
      ooo, Mac, Bobbi Brown or Charlotte Tilbury. 

16. favourite drugstore make up brand?
      NYX there lip glosses and lip products are amazing i love them.

17. whats your dream job?
      my dream job would be to work in the fashion industry or i make up as i love learning 
      new things and how the industry changes and what is coming out next.

18. favourite T.V shows?
      FRIENDS i love it so much, and Modern family and the middle they are all so funny but 
      i also really enjoy watching the next top model series from all America, Britain and 

19. favourite musical?
      tough tough tough.... i would have to say Les Miserables plus it makes it more my 
      favourite because i have been able to perform it which my local amateurs.

20. who has inspired you?
      i would have to say many people have inspired me during my life in many different
      ways, but right now it would be Zoella or Tanya burr as they inspired me to start a 
      blog and start doing what i wanted in life.
Okay so i hope you have learned a lil bit more about me.

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The Victoria secret angel look is completely iconic from the dewey sun kissed skin to perfect beach waves and stunning figures, and their make up is always completely flawless. there is always a slight change in their make up each year but it is always classy and elegant. The look i am going to be showing you today is from their December 2015 fashion show in New York City.
okay lets get started!

Firstly, i washed my face and applied my neutrogena rapid spot treatment cream onto my t-zone which is where i am most prone to getting spots and then i apply my Nip+ fab kale fix moisturiser all over my face. The face primmer i am using is the Benefit that girl face brighting primer

Next i am going to use my Estee Lauder double wear foundation in the shade Ecru and apply this all over my face and blending down onto my neck, to apply my foundation i am using the Real Techniques beauty blender. Then applying my Rimmel wake me up concealer in the shade true ivory under my eyes just to brighten them up and also to hide any dark circles or spots on my face, i am also blending this with my beauty blender.

Next using my MAC matte bronzer and using the Real techniques sculpt face brush and i am applying this just under my cheek bone and then using a powder brush and the bronzer i am just going to brush this lightly on my forehead to give my skin a more sun kissed glow like the models have.
Using my MAC sprinsheen blusher and MAC blusher brush i am going to apply this on the apples of my cheek to add a little colour into my face and then applying my Mac highlighter in soft and gentle on the tops of my cheeks, forehead and down the bridge of my nose.

Then for the eyes i am using my Naked palette and i am applying virgin all over my eye lid and then sin in the crease and blending that in and then applying my MAC soft and gentle highlighter in the corner of my eye. I am then applied Benefits they're real mascara on my top lashes.

 And this is the completed look





So today i wanted to share with you the beauty products i use in my night time routine. And what i find works best for my skin type. I have quite oily skin so i find that i have use products that help to control that, i also get spots on my t-zone so i am also going to tell you which products i find that work for me. Because if you have skin like i do you know it can take years and years of trying to find facial washes and scuba that work to get rid of spots but hopefully these products will work for you just like they work for me.

okay lets get started!

The first product i use to wash my face with is the dermologica eye make up remover. I wet two cotton patters and add a little bit of the make up remover onto the patters and rub together, then i wipe my face and eyes with these to remove my make up. I find that this really works and removes all your make up but leaves your skin hydrated and moisturised with out feeling dry like make up wipes.

The next product i use everyday is the Dermologica pre cleanse to remove any more make up from my face and it also opens up your pores so when you clean your face you can remove all the yuky stuff from your face so it can smooth and clean. To use this product i put two pumps into the palm or my hand rub all over my face and wash off with warm water and pat dry.

Okay so the next product i use is this Boots own skincare treatment wash, i found that this was one of the main products that help reduce and get rid of the amount of spots that were on my face. i try to use this every other day as it can be quite harsh on your skin and make it a bit dry but it works like magic, you just have to apply a little more moisturiser to hydrate the skin.

As you know i am obsessed with the Nip+Fab range and i just find that they work a charm. This exfoliator is so good it removes all of the dead skin from your face leaving your face nice and smooth. Because exfoliators can be harsh on your skin i try to use my 3 times a week of a night time so your skin has time to repair during the night. Also when using an exfoliator yo can either use exfoliator gloves which you can get in any beauty store or use your fingers which i think works best as the heat off your hands helps the exfoliator to work better, also don't scrub with an exfoliator just use your finger tips and massage the exfoliator into your skin.

Next using this dead sea spa magik face wash i just wash my face as normal by massaging it into my skin to leave it feeling soft and clean. this face wash works really well to hydrate your skin especially after using harsh products to help get rid of spots, so this acts like a repair for your skin.

The last two products are the moisturisers i use, again they are both Nip+Fab products (insert monkey emoji). first i apply the overnight purifying gel all over my face this helps neutralise complection and reduce oiliness and then the second one you will probably have seen in one of my monthly favourites because i am still in love and use it every day and night. i apply this all over my face and it eaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated.

And they are all the products i use in my night time routine. I will list all the products i use below.  Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus to keep updated when i upload new posts.
Boots Treatment Wash



I found this recipe on Tanya Burrs Blog and Youtube Channel (links at the bottom of the page) and i adapted it by taking out the pretzels and halving the recipe to make less cookies.
The best thing about this cookie recipe is that they taste amazing and the colour of the M&Ms look amazing when they have been cooked.

This recipe made 5 large cookies
you will need:
2 Baking trays lined with greaseproof paper

100g M&Ms 
100g Smooth Peanut Butter
150g Caster Sugar
1 medium egg
162g Self-Raising Flour

Optional splash of milk if dough is to stiff

I chose to use the chocolate M&Ms

cream together the butter and sugar until smooth, then add in the peanut butter and egg until it makes a creamy peanut buttery heaven

Then add in the flour gradually and mix, i added mine in three parts

Next add in the M&Ms and mix into the dough so that they are mixed through out the dough

Then collect all your dough together mass up into a big ball with out trying to eat a chunk out of it and wrap up in clingfilm and place in the fridge for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes remove from the fridge and split into however many and what sized cookies you want and place in the oven which should be preheated to 180 degrees while the dough is nearly finished in the fridge 

if your cookies are off a smaller size leave them in the oven for 10-12 minutes, but if they are as high as mine (oops) leave them in for a little longer and leave to cool in try before removing them

And Voila gorgeous peanut butter flavoured M&M Cookies i honestly think i have one left to eat and just can't stop eating them they are just so nice.

Okay so i hope you enjoy making and eating these cookies as much as i have and don't forget to send me a tweet of a picture if you made these.

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A couple of weeks ago i thought that i was looking a little bit pale considering we were starting to get some nice weather and i didn't want to look like casper the ghost all the time, so i started to read some reviews on good tanning solutions that give you a nice natural sun kissed glow and i found that the He Shi quick and easy express liquid tan was the perfect one. So i thought i would give it try for myself and yes it was a little expensive but it is worth every penny trust me!

This tan goes on super easily and gives a great colour without going over the top. Because the tan is a liquid you can see where it goes so you not get any white patches, which we all know is something we don't want. It gives you perfect sun kissed glow and lasts at least 5 days when applying moisturisers daily to keep the colour and stops it from going patchy while fading out. 
Overall i completely love this an and gives a great colour after application and lasts for up 7 days but i usually get 4 or 5 out of it. Plus because the weather is nice and you can wear skirts and cute dresses its the perfect time to go out and buy this tan and put it to good use.





Here we go, another month is over which is so scary but exciting that it is getting closer to summer meaning longer nights and holiday clothes are everywhere. this monthly favourite comes in two parts, the first one beauty buys and the second one is clothing products that i have splurged my money on whoops! 

NYX soft matte lip cream - sydney, cannes

These new lip creams from NYX are amazing. They are very creamy and still give a long lasting colour as they are a matte lip stick but do not leave you lips feeling dry. there is a large range of colours available and you can get them in selected boots stores. the two colour are got are gorgeous! Sydney is a lovely pink thats not to bright or pale but just in the middle and looks really natural on your lips. Cannes is sort of a red colour but not as strong but it is a perfect lipstick for night out look.

Rimmel lip pencil - east end snob

This lip pencil is wonderful it is so creamy and easy to apply and looks really natural when applied so you do not have have that defined line. There are plenty of different colours and shades so you will defiantly be able to find the perfect shade to match any lipstick shade. They are also very reasonably priced and are available in Superdrug and Boots.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - True Ivory

so i was i need of a new concealer and read some good reviews on this particular one and to be honest it is really good, it matched foundation really well and gives such good coverage. Overall i was very pleased with this purchase and it did not cost that much as well and a little goes a long way.

MAC Lingering Eye Brow Pencil

If you are looking to fill in your eyebrows but are wanting a more natural look or a fuller brow this brow pencil from MAC can do both. it has a small nib at the top so you can have more control over the way you want to shape your brows and it goes on really easily and there are many shade and colours to match you eye brow colour.

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