So today i wanted to share with you the beauty products i use in my night time routine. And what i find works best for my skin type. I have quite oily skin so i find that i have use products that help to control that, i also get spots on my t-zone so i am also going to tell you which products i find that work for me. Because if you have skin like i do you know it can take years and years of trying to find facial washes and scuba that work to get rid of spots but hopefully these products will work for you just like they work for me.

okay lets get started!

The first product i use to wash my face with is the dermologica eye make up remover. I wet two cotton patters and add a little bit of the make up remover onto the patters and rub together, then i wipe my face and eyes with these to remove my make up. I find that this really works and removes all your make up but leaves your skin hydrated and moisturised with out feeling dry like make up wipes.

The next product i use everyday is the Dermologica pre cleanse to remove any more make up from my face and it also opens up your pores so when you clean your face you can remove all the yuky stuff from your face so it can smooth and clean. To use this product i put two pumps into the palm or my hand rub all over my face and wash off with warm water and pat dry.

Okay so the next product i use is this Boots own skincare treatment wash, i found that this was one of the main products that help reduce and get rid of the amount of spots that were on my face. i try to use this every other day as it can be quite harsh on your skin and make it a bit dry but it works like magic, you just have to apply a little more moisturiser to hydrate the skin.

As you know i am obsessed with the Nip+Fab range and i just find that they work a charm. This exfoliator is so good it removes all of the dead skin from your face leaving your face nice and smooth. Because exfoliators can be harsh on your skin i try to use my 3 times a week of a night time so your skin has time to repair during the night. Also when using an exfoliator yo can either use exfoliator gloves which you can get in any beauty store or use your fingers which i think works best as the heat off your hands helps the exfoliator to work better, also don't scrub with an exfoliator just use your finger tips and massage the exfoliator into your skin.

Next using this dead sea spa magik face wash i just wash my face as normal by massaging it into my skin to leave it feeling soft and clean. this face wash works really well to hydrate your skin especially after using harsh products to help get rid of spots, so this acts like a repair for your skin.

The last two products are the moisturisers i use, again they are both Nip+Fab products (insert monkey emoji). first i apply the overnight purifying gel all over my face this helps neutralise complection and reduce oiliness and then the second one you will probably have seen in one of my monthly favourites because i am still in love and use it every day and night. i apply this all over my face and it eaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated.

And they are all the products i use in my night time routine. I will list all the products i use below.  Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus to keep updated when i upload new posts.
Boots Treatment Wash

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