Now i am certainly not a morning person 100%. I think a morning should not start till about 10am because in a morning is cold and mostly like to be awful weather with the way its going in the UK at the moment. a morning should only start early when its blue skies and nice and warm not dark, windy and cold. 
So because i am currently having to get up early for a placement i am on and i mean 5:45 early i thought i would give you a couple of tips for early morning starts and even if they are for really early mornings or just a morning before school/college.
Hopefully these tips should help you get more time in bed.

Here are some tips to start the day of right!

1. Make sure you have everything prepared and sorted for the morning so that you are not rushing about sorting everything out cause if you want to spend more time in bed you don't want to be rushing doing your make up, hair or outfit because you haven't done your bag.

2. If you know where you are going have an outfit out ready and sorted so you are not stressing about picking out a outfit, so check the weather before if you are going away or just if you are going college and school. Also keep your clothes near your bed so that when you get out of bed you don't have to go far in the cold to get ready everything will be right next to you.

3. Make sure you get enough hours sleep because as i have found out going to bed later when you have an early start is not good trust me! So instead of going on your phone before bed read a book or do something that will help you relax and ensure that you get a good nights sleep.

4. Have some breakfast or something to eat when you get up in the morning because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can actually make you fell more awake than not having anything to eat. if you can not eat anything in heavy in the morning you could have a piece of fruit or a breakfast bar. 

5. In the morning if you are having to wake up early set yourself multiple alarms so you give your self time to come round. one alarm to wake up and the second one to get out of bed so set about 10-15minutes between each alarm. Also when your first alarm goes off knock on some fairy lights or a bedside light as it will stop you from going back to sleep and make you feel more awake.

Okay, so there are my five top tips for waking up early in the morning on just on a regular basis, if you have any other tips of your own that help you wake up in the morning leave them in the comments.



There are so many new products coming out soon that I so want and cant wait to try. I have either seen these products on Instagram, Twitter, other blog posts or in YouTube videos. I have not been paid to do this, I am just extremely excited to purchase these items and try them for myself I wanted to share with you some new products that you might love yourselves. I have not been paid to do this, these are my own opinions on products that i am really looking forward to buying and using.

Too faced
This brand is just amazing! There product packaging is super cute and the fact there products always have some sort of theme to them just makes it more fun.

Too faced sweet peach eyeshadow palette. I seen this on zoella’s exciting new beauty products video and it looked amazing. Because I have blue eyes the colours in side the palette would be perfect to bring out the colour blue in your eye as the pink and orange shades would work really well. Also the colours in the palette will be gorgeous with and tan and on holiday. The packaging for this eyeshadow palette is to so summary i just love it. Sadly i do not this you can get hold of this product yet but when it does come out it will sell out in no time.

Melted matte lipstick - £16
You might probably have already tried the melted lips collection from too faced and fell in love with them just like i did and may probably be as excited as i am to try their newest lipsticks which look fab! You can buy these online as they are available and they have a good range of colours but i definitely prefer the pink and nude colours compared to the darker and brighter colours. 

Mascara melt off - £13
This is probably the best invention yet, the concept of it is just amazing. we all know the struggle of taking mascara off especially waterproof and you end up rubbing your eye raw to try and make sure that you get if off correctly, but with this you just apply it like a normal mascara and wipe with damp cotton patter or wet towel and it just takes it off easily without leaving your eye sore. I will 100% be purchasing this item because i just think who ever invent this is just a genius.

Dew the Hoola Bronzer - £22.50

The packaging is amazing rose gold bamboo just take a second and WOW! Anyways i am super excited to try this even though i have said this for nearly every product. This is a bronzer liquid which you can either out on a bare face to give you a gorgeous sun kissed glow or you can put in top of your foundation to give you a gorgeous glow. i know it is a bit more expensive compared to the other products but you can just tell that it will be a worth while buy and from the reviews i have read on it, it sounds great and a little goes a long way.

Benefit Zero Tan Lines - £19.50

Yet again this is another amazing idea and packaging design. i mean honestly everyone is stepping up their design which doesn't help with my bank account cause i just want to buy everything thing cause it just looks too cute! This is kind of like a fake tan but in a new way, it adds a healthy glow to your skin without it looking like you have tan on, also under the skirt is the application tool so that you don't have to worry about getting tanned palms which we all know can happen by accident every now and again. this will be yet again great for summer when you want to nice healthy glow to match all your summer clothes.



I really enjoyed making my first look book and you guys seemed to have loved it too! so i thought i had to make another and show you my favourite outfit i have been loving to wear while we are having this gorgeous weather (even better this was edited in the sun). This outfit is super comfy and easy to recreate and can have so many different twist to it, i can just tell that mom jeans, t shirts and sandals are gonna be one of my go to looks for spring.

The jeans i am wearing are Mom jeans from Topshop, My top was purchased a last year so i am not sure if it is still available but it is from Urmoda, my sandals are from Schuh and my sunglasses are my Ray-Ban aviators.

 Recreate the look


i made donuts

so last week i was watching one of Jim Chapman's videos on youtube and came across one of him making donuts and because they look so nice i was going to make some myself!
This recipe is really easy to make and they taste so GOOD and look really cute as well.
I got this recipe from Jim's video and wrote down everything he said, i will leave a link at the bottom for his video.
makes 12     |  time to make - 2 hours
250g      plain flour
75ml      water
2            eggs
60g        unsalted butter
1tsp       salt
1 packet of fast acting yeast
300ml sunflower oil
caster sugar
filing of your choice - i chose jam, sugar and icing sugar
a piping bag

firstly place the flour, water, 2 eggs, teaspoon of salt,  and the packet of fast acting yeast into a bowl. Next melt your butter either in the microwave for 1 minute or in a pan on a low heat so you do not burn the butter. Begin mixing the mixture in a bowl with a spoon and add the butter slowly to the mixture. ( if you feel like the mixture is too wet add one small spoonful of flour to the dough) Then you want to begin needing the dough on a floured surface, then place in a new bowl cover with clingflim and place in a warm place for one hour.
once the hour is up need the dough again and split into 12 equal balls and place on a tray, cover with clingfilm and leave again for another 30 minutes. (theres a lot of waiting in this recipe but it is defiantly worth it).
okay now is the fun bit, place your 300ml of oil in a pan and heat over a low heat, now be careful when heating oil as it can be very dangerous!! to test if your oil is hot enough dip a piece of bread in it and see if it sizzles if it does you are ready to cook. Add the donuts in 2 at a time leave for 3-4 minutes and then flip over, cook until golden brown.
once cooked be very careful these will be as hot as the sun! let them dry on a tray on top of kitchen roll to soak up any oil.
you do not need a filling but if you want to add one read below.
now for the filling choose the filling of your choice and put into a piping bag and sing off the end, then using a knife make a small cut in the donut and squeeze in the filing and voila you have some delicious donuts.

hope you all enjoy making these as much as i did and let me know in the comments what your favourite filling is in a donut?

Jim Champmans video -



Every time it gets to this time of year i sit at home in cold britian wish i was in America going to my dream festival COACHELLA! so i thought if i can't go i will be there in spirit and do a blog post for anyone who is going to Coachella or another festival in the near future of how to be ready with the prefect hairstyle, make up and outfit. plus Festival wear always comes in for summer so you can never be too unprepared for it.

I am going to show you a quick make up look and also two quick and easy festival hairstyles. So lets get cracking!

Make up look - Golden Goddess

I inspired this look from Kendall Jenner's look last year from Coachella, her make up was very simple and natural with a little bit of shimmer on the eyes.
Now i know when you go to festival you do not want to be spending loads of time doing your hair and make up, but with this tutorial you only need the basic products. most of this products are from drugstore so they won't cost you that much and you don't have to take all your best make up with you and some 
firstly apply a moisturisers to soften your skin and then apply your BB cream/foundation all over your face. i prefer to use a BB cream when going to a festival because it is much lighter and natural looking on the skin which is what this is all about. You can add a powder to set your face but it is completely up to you. next you want to take your bronzer and place that under your check bones and on and around your forehead to giver you face some dimension and colour so that you can get that sun kissed glow. Next to your blush and apply this on the apples of your check to give yourself a nice healthy glow. Then using a highlighter apply thisThat is it for your face quick and easy.
for the eyes i simply used two things 1. i used the bronzer out of my Revolution ultra sculpt and contour and a fluffy mac 271 brush to add some depth to my eyes by applying the bronzer in the crease of my eyes and taking it underneath a little bit. this is a trick i learnt which helps too open your eyes and make them look bigger. 2. using the highlighter from my Revlon contour palette I'm am going to pat this on to my eye lid using my finger as you can pack on more product. Then using the Maybelline lash sensational mascara i am apply this all over the lashes and done a quick and easy make up look for any festival.

These hairstyle are being styled on straight hair but you could curl it or crimp it if you want its completely up to you. These hairstyles take no time to do, look super cute and need hardly any styling tool.

This one is super cute and shows that you defiantly understand the concept of the word festival.
All you have to do is take the two front sections of your hair and plait them both. Then you want to bring them both to the back of your head and tie together with an elastic band. Then taking different sized sections of hair from around your head and plaiting them and securing with a elastic band and voila you have the official festival hair. 
If you wanted to you could add some flowers into the plaits or some hair rings which i can see being big this year at festivals.

The second hairstyle is super cute and is what i would defiantly wear to a festival, it is super quick and easy. all you need to do is take the two front sections of your hair and tie them with an elastic band or hair tie and done.

i will be doing a coachella outfit one soon!

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spring pink lips

I have been on a bit of a lipstick craze lately i wanted to show you which lipsticks are my most recent buys and the ones i has been reaching for recently. These are more spring/summer lipsticks as they are bright and in some different shades of pink, as you all know that i am currently obsessed with that colour. 

(Maybelline 107 Fairly bare, Maybelline 418 Peach poppy, Bourjois rouge edition 32 Rose vanity, Topshop lips Innocent)

The Maybelline 107 in the shade Farily Bare is a gorgeous light pink with a little bit of a shimmer to it and is perfect for a nude make up look, i am more a fan of matte lipsticks but i thought i would give this a go as these are more glossier and i find that you have to put a few layers on to get a strong colour and because it is a gloss lipstick you have to apply it more during the day. I saw Maybelline 418 in the shade Peach Poppy on Tanya Burrs blog and fell in love with the colour of it and had to have it! Its is kind of the game as the 107 as the are both glossy lipsticks but the colour is much strong and perfect for spring and summer. Now the Bourjois Lipstick is my newest buy and i am in love, this is a matte lipstick but is also really creamy and it does last for the 12 hours which is a great bonus! the colour is a gorgeous pink colour and is by far my favourite. The last lipstick is my go to when i am in a rush and i have had this for a while but it is always come back out for spring. This topshop lipstick was one of the first lipsticks i bought and i just love it! it is a natural sort of pink and definitely brings a make up look to life.
Out of these four colours my top 2 are the Bourjois Rouge edition 12 hours and the lips by Topshop.
(please remember i am no professional these are just my own opinions)

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Please leave a comment of anything you would like to see on my blog x

all things pink

I have always loved the colour pink but i have recently had a massive obsession with anything pink from clothes to make up and I am just in love!
As you can probably tell everything above contain pinks and they are either a blush colour or a baby pink and i just thinks these colours are gorgeous and are truly perfect for spring and a wardrobe must have!
This jacket is from New Look and i first seen it on a poster in their window and just feel in love, i mean i was going to whatever i could to find that jacket and i did (insert exited face emoji). It is a pink bomber jacket with a gorgeous flora print on it and this is a must have for spring and summer its just wow! if you want a statement jacket look no further.
The jumper is from topshop and it is amazing, i buy a lot of my clothes from topshop and i am always extremely happy with my purchases. This jumper is a knit, high neck jumper with 3/4 length sleeves and is in a incredible blush colour.
These shoes were my prom shoes and because of my dress i went for a nude natural shoe that i could wear again/ they are from carvel and have quite a small heel because i am the worst person ever for walking in really high heels so these are just perfect and yet again they are pink.
The book is from Paperchase and it just scream Kate of Spade to me for some reason i think its because of the gold polka dots on it. It is just such a cute notebook!


pink items


Easy Spring Hair Ideas

As it is spring season and the weather is beginning to get better you want to spend less time getting ready and more time outside, while still looking fab. so today i thought i would share with you my 2 favourite quick and easy hairstyles i like to wear during spring. Now i wear my hair straight or curly quite a lot so these hairstyles are for if i am running late. Also you barely need any products to do these hairstyles with.

The ponytail
i like to wear this hairstyle when i am running late or feeling lazy as we can all sometimes feel but this hairstyle makes me feel less lazy and it looks super cute. You can either curl your hair to give more volume and texture or you can leave it straight if you don't have much time.

How to do it 
Firstly, brush through your hair to remove any tangles from the night before. Then you want gather your hair in to a ponytail, you can do this high, low or in the middle. Next you want to pull out a section of your hair at the front, depending on how thick you want you plait to be depends on how much hair you leave out and then secure the rest of your hair with a hair tie. 

Once your hair is tied back you then want to plait the front section of your hair pulling it to the back of your head while plaiting and then getting a bobby pin securing the plait underneath the hair tie.

And there you have it a cute spring ponytail. If you wanted to you could add a ribbon to the ponytail or wrap any remaining hair around the ponytail.

The Hun ( half up half down bun)
this is a much to go to look for me because it just so simple and easy to do. Even though this hair trend became big in autumn i have a feeling it will stick around and become big again in summer. I like wearing this hairstyle with curled hair as you can get more volume and more texture as well.

this is the simplest one as all you need to do is take half of your hair and gather into a ponytail and then scrunch it up in your hand and then score with a hair tie and bobby pins if it still feels loose. 
with this hairstyle you can wear it however you want neat or messy and it still looks amazing either way and takes no time to do.

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