Now i am certainly not a morning person 100%. I think a morning should not start till about 10am because in a morning is cold and mostly like to be awful weather with the way its going in the UK at the moment. a morning should only start early when its blue skies and nice and warm not dark, windy and cold. 
So because i am currently having to get up early for a placement i am on and i mean 5:45 early i thought i would give you a couple of tips for early morning starts and even if they are for really early mornings or just a morning before school/college.
Hopefully these tips should help you get more time in bed.

Here are some tips to start the day of right!

1. Make sure you have everything prepared and sorted for the morning so that you are not rushing about sorting everything out cause if you want to spend more time in bed you don't want to be rushing doing your make up, hair or outfit because you haven't done your bag.

2. If you know where you are going have an outfit out ready and sorted so you are not stressing about picking out a outfit, so check the weather before if you are going away or just if you are going college and school. Also keep your clothes near your bed so that when you get out of bed you don't have to go far in the cold to get ready everything will be right next to you.

3. Make sure you get enough hours sleep because as i have found out going to bed later when you have an early start is not good trust me! So instead of going on your phone before bed read a book or do something that will help you relax and ensure that you get a good nights sleep.

4. Have some breakfast or something to eat when you get up in the morning because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can actually make you fell more awake than not having anything to eat. if you can not eat anything in heavy in the morning you could have a piece of fruit or a breakfast bar. 

5. In the morning if you are having to wake up early set yourself multiple alarms so you give your self time to come round. one alarm to wake up and the second one to get out of bed so set about 10-15minutes between each alarm. Also when your first alarm goes off knock on some fairy lights or a bedside light as it will stop you from going back to sleep and make you feel more awake.

Okay, so there are my five top tips for waking up early in the morning on just on a regular basis, if you have any other tips of your own that help you wake up in the morning leave them in the comments.

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