There are so many new products coming out soon that I so want and cant wait to try. I have either seen these products on Instagram, Twitter, other blog posts or in YouTube videos. I have not been paid to do this, I am just extremely excited to purchase these items and try them for myself I wanted to share with you some new products that you might love yourselves. I have not been paid to do this, these are my own opinions on products that i am really looking forward to buying and using.

Too faced
This brand is just amazing! There product packaging is super cute and the fact there products always have some sort of theme to them just makes it more fun.

Too faced sweet peach eyeshadow palette. I seen this on zoella’s exciting new beauty products video and it looked amazing. Because I have blue eyes the colours in side the palette would be perfect to bring out the colour blue in your eye as the pink and orange shades would work really well. Also the colours in the palette will be gorgeous with and tan and on holiday. The packaging for this eyeshadow palette is to so summary i just love it. Sadly i do not this you can get hold of this product yet but when it does come out it will sell out in no time.

Melted matte lipstick - £16
You might probably have already tried the melted lips collection from too faced and fell in love with them just like i did and may probably be as excited as i am to try their newest lipsticks which look fab! You can buy these online as they are available and they have a good range of colours but i definitely prefer the pink and nude colours compared to the darker and brighter colours. 

Mascara melt off - £13
This is probably the best invention yet, the concept of it is just amazing. we all know the struggle of taking mascara off especially waterproof and you end up rubbing your eye raw to try and make sure that you get if off correctly, but with this you just apply it like a normal mascara and wipe with damp cotton patter or wet towel and it just takes it off easily without leaving your eye sore. I will 100% be purchasing this item because i just think who ever invent this is just a genius.

Dew the Hoola Bronzer - £22.50

The packaging is amazing rose gold bamboo just take a second and WOW! Anyways i am super excited to try this even though i have said this for nearly every product. This is a bronzer liquid which you can either out on a bare face to give you a gorgeous sun kissed glow or you can put in top of your foundation to give you a gorgeous glow. i know it is a bit more expensive compared to the other products but you can just tell that it will be a worth while buy and from the reviews i have read on it, it sounds great and a little goes a long way.

Benefit Zero Tan Lines - £19.50

Yet again this is another amazing idea and packaging design. i mean honestly everyone is stepping up their design which doesn't help with my bank account cause i just want to buy everything thing cause it just looks too cute! This is kind of like a fake tan but in a new way, it adds a healthy glow to your skin without it looking like you have tan on, also under the skirt is the application tool so that you don't have to worry about getting tanned palms which we all know can happen by accident every now and again. this will be yet again great for summer when you want to nice healthy glow to match all your summer clothes.

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