Okay so today i thought why don't i tell you guys 20 things about me that you don't know. 
so this could be quite a long post so grab your self a tea or coffee or maybe any other drink you fancy and sit back and relax (wait this feels like i am telling a story better just start). these are just some random questions i have seen floating about and found some that were most relevant to me.

Lets go!

1. whens your birthday?
    my birthday is the 8th December

2. what is your eye colour?
    i have blue eyes

3. whats your height?
    i am 5"7

4. Tea or Coffee?
    okay don't shout but i don't like either .... sorry 

5. Favourite thing in my room?
    Aw well this is just easy, it would have to be my bed side lamp!
    only joking my bed is 100% my favourite thing in my room, its just so warm and cozy
    oh and fairy lights i just think         
    they are way too cute!

6. favourite movie? 
    HARRY POTTER of course 

7. favourite thing to eat? 
    This is so hard cause i can't just pick one cause there are too many but if i am going to 
    have to choose it would have to be Pizza or Nando's and i would also live off these 
    foods for the rest of my life too.

8. favourite clothing brands?
   Again another tough question ermm... Topshop, Brandy Melville, Zara and i love stuff of 
   Asos too. 

9. 3 things you can't leave the house without?
    apart from a bag full of stuff  it would be my phone, headphones and lipgloss or mints.

10. whats your favourite disney film?
      As much as i love all the disney films, this is quite an easy question because its 
      monsters inc and monsters university, i just love them and i have a huge sully in my 
      room which lives next to my bed.

11. favourite colour?
      PINK all the way pink but i do like the tiffany blue colour as a bikini but thats it but pink 
      for almost everything else.

12. favourite flowers?
      White gypsophila and roses.

13. heels or flats?
      comfort wise flats, but i do love a good pair off heels.

14. what did you take for your GCSE's?
      Art, Geography, Drama and Sport Science.

15. favourite make up brand?
      ooo, Mac, Bobbi Brown or Charlotte Tilbury. 

16. favourite drugstore make up brand?
      NYX there lip glosses and lip products are amazing i love them.

17. whats your dream job?
      my dream job would be to work in the fashion industry or i make up as i love learning 
      new things and how the industry changes and what is coming out next.

18. favourite T.V shows?
      FRIENDS i love it so much, and Modern family and the middle they are all so funny but 
      i also really enjoy watching the next top model series from all America, Britain and 

19. favourite musical?
      tough tough tough.... i would have to say Les Miserables plus it makes it more my 
      favourite because i have been able to perform it which my local amateurs.

20. who has inspired you?
      i would have to say many people have inspired me during my life in many different
      ways, but right now it would be Zoella or Tanya burr as they inspired me to start a 
      blog and start doing what i wanted in life.
Okay so i hope you have learned a lil bit more about me.

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