Every time it gets to this time of year i sit at home in cold britian wish i was in America going to my dream festival COACHELLA! so i thought if i can't go i will be there in spirit and do a blog post for anyone who is going to Coachella or another festival in the near future of how to be ready with the prefect hairstyle, make up and outfit. plus Festival wear always comes in for summer so you can never be too unprepared for it.

I am going to show you a quick make up look and also two quick and easy festival hairstyles. So lets get cracking!

Make up look - Golden Goddess

I inspired this look from Kendall Jenner's look last year from Coachella, her make up was very simple and natural with a little bit of shimmer on the eyes.
Now i know when you go to festival you do not want to be spending loads of time doing your hair and make up, but with this tutorial you only need the basic products. most of this products are from drugstore so they won't cost you that much and you don't have to take all your best make up with you and some 
firstly apply a moisturisers to soften your skin and then apply your BB cream/foundation all over your face. i prefer to use a BB cream when going to a festival because it is much lighter and natural looking on the skin which is what this is all about. You can add a powder to set your face but it is completely up to you. next you want to take your bronzer and place that under your check bones and on and around your forehead to giver you face some dimension and colour so that you can get that sun kissed glow. Next to your blush and apply this on the apples of your check to give yourself a nice healthy glow. Then using a highlighter apply thisThat is it for your face quick and easy.
for the eyes i simply used two things 1. i used the bronzer out of my Revolution ultra sculpt and contour and a fluffy mac 271 brush to add some depth to my eyes by applying the bronzer in the crease of my eyes and taking it underneath a little bit. this is a trick i learnt which helps too open your eyes and make them look bigger. 2. using the highlighter from my Revlon contour palette I'm am going to pat this on to my eye lid using my finger as you can pack on more product. Then using the Maybelline lash sensational mascara i am apply this all over the lashes and done a quick and easy make up look for any festival.

These hairstyle are being styled on straight hair but you could curl it or crimp it if you want its completely up to you. These hairstyles take no time to do, look super cute and need hardly any styling tool.

This one is super cute and shows that you defiantly understand the concept of the word festival.
All you have to do is take the two front sections of your hair and plait them both. Then you want to bring them both to the back of your head and tie together with an elastic band. Then taking different sized sections of hair from around your head and plaiting them and securing with a elastic band and voila you have the official festival hair. 
If you wanted to you could add some flowers into the plaits or some hair rings which i can see being big this year at festivals.

The second hairstyle is super cute and is what i would defiantly wear to a festival, it is super quick and easy. all you need to do is take the two front sections of your hair and tie them with an elastic band or hair tie and done.

i will be doing a coachella outfit one soon!

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