Woohoo at least i think? its summer and so that means its time for a summer look book and I have been a little bit too busy buying too much stuff and having a bank account that i now suffering for it, but ahh well at least i have some new nice clothes.
like my spring look books i did these will run through out summer showing you my favourite looks and as usual listing the items for you.
This one is mainly of my new favourite top that i have recently bought!

Lets get started!
Outfit one 
I love this outfit i just think it is so cute and perfect for all the trends that are in this season. the top and shoes are my most recent buys and i just can't stop wearing them, plus i am really loving the tan colour for summer as i just think it can go with anything and transform a look to a more summer style.

outfit two
Okay so i kind of love this top a little too much but who cares! i was going for a little bit of a more casual chic sort of look with the top, skirt and trainers but honestly i think it really works and is super comfy plus you can recreate this look with loads of different types of tops or shoes, but also if you haven't already guessed i am a huge fan of denim.

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