Now i am not always like fully serious person but i have a feeling that this one is going to be one of those serious post but not like a grumpy one more like an informative/ advice relatable giving one, if that makes any sense
I am probably guessing that most of you are leaving school or sixth form or are moving up into the next year or stage of something, i don't know just a guess.

Okay so this post is a little bit of a personal one but i want to help you guys understand what is happening if you are going through this.

People who are doing there exams might understand this a little bit more because your are leaving school in a couple of weeks or maybe are on study leave now and you might not be seeing your friends as much as you used to.

When i was at school last year in my final year it got quiet tough for me and my friends in the fact that we were all getting stressed about revising and there was also quiet a lot of arguments and fall outs too which didn't seem to help things and it is hard because you have been with these people for 5 years or maybe longer i was lucky enough to be in the same classes as my friends from primary so i had been with them for like 11 years which if you ask me is a long but an amazing time too. now i remember us talking about how we would do loads of things in the summer and like would never forget each other and always meet up no matter where we went after school to either college or sixth form.

By the way if you are half way through reading this you might want to grab a drink! ( should of said that act the start whoops)

Anyways it got to that time of leaving school and it was really sad because i though what happens if we don't with everything going on, but my friends kept telling me No it will be fine of course we will stay in touch.

Well after we left for study leave that was it nobody texted me or spoke to me and it felt like i had wasted my time being friends with them i was really hurt. but then it got to prom and everyone was okay in a way but it never felt the same as it did before and i knew that you had to move on but it was hard to let go off just because i had spent my whole childhood growing up with them girls and made some amazing memories too.
And after prom that was it nothing but i would see my friends meeting up and not asking me, but i was lucky enough to have my amazing friends from outside of school who i had to go out with and spend the summer with.
Also when i started college i have made some amazing new friends, who i went with one to meet Caspar lee with.

So the point i am trying to make is life changes and with have to learn to deal with that even though at the time it seems really hard which it is there is always something new, bigger and better for you and there is always a struggle to go through before the good bit, and it is true you really do find out who your true friends are when you leave school, but you can always make new ones and you soon find out that you don't need a friendship group of like 20 but maybe only 6 or less in a way. All you have to do is keep strong and positive and look forward to new things.

I mean i down know if this happens to everyone as we are all different but this is what happened to me and maybe some other people too.

Leave a comment down below if you have been through anything like this or have a feeling you are going through something like this now.

keep smiling!

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