I never in my life thought that this day would ever come!

On Thursday 2nd June i went to Caspar Lees book signing at Newcastle, and lets just say what an amazing day! 

I started this amazing day on a train to newcastle with two of my best friends and of course we had to do a bit of shopping and food at Nando's before we went to cue. we spent about 45 minutes cueing to meet him and let me tell you it was worth every penny and every minute.

He signed our books and so did his mum Emily who was so sweet and lovely and Caspar well i mean just look at him he was just gorgeous of course HA (insert monkey face with hands over eyes) he was so lovely. I am so grateful that i had the opportunity to meet him and his mom even though i was as nervous as hell it was brilliant.
after we met him we sat down for at least 30 minutes as i was in shock one of my friends was like buzzing and the other was like wait what the hell just happened. 
on the way home us me and my two friends and probably half the train home were sat reading his book and if you haven't got it yet you must go out and buy it and read it straight away it is amazing to see what they have had to go through as a family, compared to their life now its just fantastic. So go and buy!!

So probably to say for the millionth time this has definitely been one of the best days of my life so far and i am so grateful they are all such inspirations to meet and have gave me the confidence to create my own blog.

If you do go out and buy his book it is a well worth buy!

leave a comment down below if you have been to one of his book signings or have been to another Youtubers book signings.

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