Trip to the Zoo

I went on a trip to chester zoo on Friday and honestly what a day.
the day started with getting up at 7am so that we could set of at 8am but of course setting off on time never happens, so we had set off late! 
the car journey should normally take 3 hours to get their but by travelling on good Friday on a motorway is defiantly not a good idea as it took us 5 hours to get their! 
we arrived at the zoo at 1:30 and went straight for something to eat and then began our journey around the zoo and saw some really cute animals. my favourite animals out of the day were penguins cause they are just too cute and the baby giraffes.

i was way to happy for 8 am 

 finally arrived at the zoo!

some of the animals we saw
all the penguins decided all they wanted to do was swim and not come up at all.

 This leopard was definitely photo ready

 the baby giraffe

the best and cutest family that you will ever see!

now these two tigers completely understand the mirror affect.

i felt really sorry for this elephant because it was on its own and it was just two cute.

my all time favourite animals are penguins and pugs! what are your favourite animals?

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