Hello again long time no see, if thats even possible (i don't know)

Everyone has something they fear no matter if they are as hard as nails or so called fearless but there is always something that fears them, even if it is the smallest thing in the world it is the biggest thing in their world and we should never judge someones fear or laugh at them.

So i have recently came back off holiday and of course you have to get on a plane unless if you don't you can't go on holiday simple right? well not so much many people have a fear of flying and it can be so hard but this year i wanted to end this fear even though i have been on a aeroplane every year since i was a tiny tiny baby and when i was younger its never bothered me i loved it but i flew on a plane to america two years ago and we hit really bad turbulence and our plane dropped in the sky i had never been so scared in my life and this brought in my fear of flying, i was petrified of getting back on the plane to go home in case it happened again, and also with everything you hear in the news and stuff it increase your fear more because with a over imaginative brain like mine its just doesn't really help because i imagine something and then over think it and then ahhh! it just really doesn't help to be honest. 

When i went on holiday last year i was so scared i didn't eat until i got there and made sure i was sat by the aisle incase anything happened because of my overthinking head (great) and didn't talk, it was the worst flight ever because i just kept thinking what if we hit turbulence again? what if this...? what if that...? and it was stupid really because the flight was great but in my head it was awful and this year i just thought if i want to be able to travel and see the world i just can't be like this all the time. 

So this year i made sure i was next to a window, i had something to eat, i had things to do on the plane, i watched Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 and i read +Zoella Girl online book which was amazing and i found that reading on the plane really took my mind of taking off and any turbulence that happened i felt so relaxed, i even looked out the window sounds stupid and pathetic but it made me get over my fear of flying, i also took some rescue remedies to calm my nerves before flying and then i started reading and i was fine and i really did get over my fear of flying.

yes even thought it wasn't a fear since birth or anything but fear can happen at anytime but if you don't face it you will never get over it and prove to yourself that you can do it, just find something that takes your mind off it and do the unexpected because if you don't you'll be stuck with it for ever and you don't want your fears to get in the way of any opportunities that you get.

leave a comment if you have concurred any of our fears and how you did it to help others if they have the same fear?

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