if you are not a harry potter fan this probably isn't your kind of post but if you are grab yourself a butter beer cause your in for a magical ride!! 

okay so during my trip to London me and my friend went to the Making of Harry Potter at @wbstudiolondon and i was so grateful i was getting the chance to visit it again no matter how many times you red the books or watch the films or go to this attraction you get that same magical feeling that never gets old every time. Truly amazing! in this post i am only sharing a snippet of what is on offer too see at the studio and its crazy to think that all of the set, props and costumes have all been used in some way, some more than others to create some of the greatest films in history which have made such an impact on millions of peoples lives around the world as cheesy as its sounds 🙈.

This tour is amazing and i would certainly recommend it to anyone who is a fan off harry potter. You will be blown away!!

 costumes worn by the cast, Harry, Ron and Neville 
In the middle is the robe worn by Tom Felton himself (Draco Malfoy)

truly stunning!
 This is the Gryffindor common room the door left takes you to the boys dormitory, girls the same on your right.

Dumbledoreoffice was so detailed it was crazy.

The Malfoy Manor set literally blew me away i couldn't believe it!

i can't believe this is the actual Hogwarts express i was like a child on christmas morning walking onto platform 9 3/4, also the fact that you can now go inside the hogwarts express made this day 100 times better!

Welcome to the knight bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard....

There my letters!!!

anything thing from the trolly?

 the famous ford anglia 

 Welcome to Hogwarts 

if you want to visit The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour click here!!

Leave me a comment if you have been to the Harry potter studios and what you thought of it plus whats you favourite harry potter film/book?

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