Okay as you may know i have just been to London and have just gotten back and wanted to share with you what i carried in my bag for the train and for walking about London.
The bag i used was my Longchamp Le Pilege large bag in grey, i love this bag it has so much room in it and it is so reasonably priced especially for a designer bag that can be used in the rain as it is waterproof because of the material.

lets get started!
The first thing in my bag is +Zoella Girl Online book for the train nd just to read before i got to sleep because i can never go to sleep without reading a couple of pages to help me sleep better.
Of course my Ray-ban Club-round sunglasses, it was so sunny and hot in London and a pair of sunglasses defiantly came in handy.

Next was my iPad mini and headphones incase i wanted to watch any movies i have on their or any music to listen to on my phone. I love my iPad case its is from disney world in florida and i just think it is the cutest thing ever.

Of course i had to take my purse for all the money i had saved up to spend and survive with while in London. my purse is from Ted Baker and is in British Racing Green.

Of course my little train ticket pouch, which kept all of our tickets in for travelling down and back and also our tickets for harry potter and my student rail card.

Of course my faviorute Holister spray and my MAC velvet teddy to apply through out the day 

Of course you always need hand sanitisers because of all the germs and this one is great because it smells of strawberry laces yum! and also what i like to call a little black bag that keeps all the girly essentials you may need on a trip away from home.

Of course a first aid kit full of plasters and paracetamol and some suncream because of the heat because there is no way i wanted to burn before going on holiday because that would have been a disaster.

let me know in the comments what your travel essentials are and where your favourite place to travel is?

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